What is Excellence?

Excellence is daring to bring your best self every single day to every single task honestly, authentically, emphatically, relationally and with humour.

Essence of Excellence.

  1. An Attitude
  2. A Commitment
  3. A Determination
  4. A Curiosity
  5. A Consciousness ‘choices’
  6. A Persistence

Excellence is a way of being, not an award or medal nor a destination.

Excellence is vulnerable when –

  1. Leadership is inconsistent
  2. There is a lack of clarity around ambition and infact
  3. The bar is lowered – good is mistaken for very good and very good is mistaken for excellence.
  4. Achievement and outcome are mistaken for excellence.
  5. Relational vulnerability
  6. Critical moments


Self Reflection

  1. Sometimes need to stop and ponder – Make time to think about yourself.
  2. Seek meaningful feedback – at the right time / right way.
  3. Lead and create a culture that encourages and supports reflection.
  4. Don’t let busy – busy being busy stop reflection!!!


“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen. Others make it happen” – Michael Jordan


An alarming trend is happening to football in Western Australia at the moment. Young players are entering the WAFL system with far lower skill levels and this is reflected on how many players from WA were recruited by AFL clubs in 2014.


Quote from the WA newspapers 3rd July 2014 – “Recruiters have told The West Australian, they had as few as eight names on their watch lists and many of the AIS elite academy players had fallen off the radar.”


Quote From High Performance Manager Michael Abblett – “It is somewhat of a concern, the cut backs in resources that they have in WA. It’s certainly something we need to address and they have identified that as well”.

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