What is Rising Stars AFL Football Academy Philosophy?

The Philosophy gives Rising Stars the direction and a pathway, which brings consistency and reduces the uncertainty of coaches and players on setting goals so they all are striving in the same direction. It also allows coaches to review and consolidate their philosophy over their coaching journey.

The essence of Rising Stars AFL Football Coaching Academy philosophy is based on long term development of athletes in their technique, tactics, mental approach (motivation), fitness, game sense (footy smarts), leadership, feedback and satisfaction in learning new skills or enhance existing skills, as well as promoting fun and friendship with a balanced lifestyle.

Rising Stars AFL Football Academy Program is a holistic junior football development program designed to help you improve your skill level in football and in other parts of your life.

Rising Stars Coaches Goal – The key component is to bring out the “special part of every child’s true talent and to maximise his potential as a player”.  We provide relevant training and education to assist athletes to learn, improve, challenge, execute and ultimately be recognized. We will provide players with quality coaches and mentors (we will endeavour to invite AFL players down to some sessions) within a high performance training facility.


Rising Stars AFL Football Academy – Get the Winning Edge.


We AIM to develop every player by developing their skills such as –

  • Kicking (types of kicks, when to use them, kick to space, off ground and on the run, shots at goal – goal kicking routine)
  • Handball (types – rocket, top spin, bounce, non-preferred, situations
  • Marking (utilising marking technique in contested situations)
  • Ground Balls (picking up, stationary, moving towards, away and sideways)
  • Work Rate (staying in the contest – work ethic, keeping your feet, guarding space)
  • Defensive Skills (tackling, spoiling, shepherding, smothering)
  • Running/Agility (receive, support, defend, create, crumbing, working the mark, bumping)
  • Forward Play (set ups, creating space, leading, defending)
  • Defensive Play (restricting space, zoning off, transition, ball movement from defence)
  • Positional Play or Tactical Development (experience playing all positions feedback)
  • Team Work (decision making, execution, communication, protecting team mates, backing up team mates)
  • Game Style (run and carry, switch, countering situations e.g. loose player in defence)

 “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen. Others make it happen” – Michael Jordan

An alarming trend is happening to football in Western Australia at the moment. Young players are entering the WAFL system with far lower skill levels and this is reflected on how many players from WA were recruited by AFL clubs in 2014.

Quote from the WA newspapers 3rd July 2014 – “Recruiters have told The West Australian, they had as few as eight names on their watch lists and many of the AIS elite academy players had fallen off the radar.”

 Quote From High Performance Manager Michael Abblett – “It is somewhat of a concern, the cut backs in resources that they have in WA. It’s certainly something we need to address and they have identified that as well”.